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Concurrent session - Program experiences improving women's nutrition
Tuesday, June 3, 16:00-17:30

Which nutrition interventions are being proposed for pregnant and lactating women, based on the 2013 Lancet series? - Parul Christian

How to reach women before and during pregnancy and during lactation – The WFP/UNFPA/UNICEF partnership - Martin Bloem

India's adolescent anemia control programme: Ten make-or-break elements for sustaining success - Vani Sethi

Preference and acceptability of alternative delivery vehicles for prenatal calcium supplementation among pregnant women in urban Bangladesh - Jo-Anna Baxter

Is weekly iron folic acid supplementation and deworming in Vietnamese women of reproductive age sustainable? The Yen Bai Cohort 6 years on - Sant-Rayn Pasricha

Session Summary - Saskia de Pee

Chair: Jee Hyun Rah, United Nations Children's Fund/United Nations Population Fund, Rome, Italy