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Learning center - Creating a social marketing campaign for food fortification
Tuesday, June 3, 16:00-17:30

A significant amount of monetary and human resources is needed for food fortification programs to effectively improve the micronutrient status of populations.  Different stakeholders must be brought on board: industry leaders to fortify the product, policy makers to create fortification legislation, industry and government authorities to monitor for compliance with the legislation, and consumers to purchase and consume fortified products.  It is often presumed that education is enough to move key decision makers to action.  Yet this is typically not the case as despite excellent education programs, competing interests, forgetfulness, and lack of motivation may keep individuals from taking action to move forward with fortification.  Social marketing techniques have been effectively used to address childhood obesity, smoking, and wearing helmets. Similar social marketing strategies can be vital to the success of a food fortification program.

Social marketing uses traditional marketing principles to influence voluntary behavior to improve the individual and society.  People attending this learning center activity will use a social marketing toolkit and a workbook to:

1.Develop a strategic plan or social marketing
2.Identify specific target audiences and the desired behavior change for each
3.Develop objectives for each target audience
4.Review guidelines for interviewing individuals and leading focus groups for audience research
5.Plan to evaluate their social marketing campaign
Using the workbook with the toolkit makes this activity more suited for a learning center experience than an exhibit.

Chair: Sarah Zimmerman, Food Fortification Initiative, Atlanta, Georgia, USA