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Concurrent session - Use of dietary assessment methods for determining the risk of inadequate micronutrient intake, and for planning and evaluating micronutrient intervention programs
Wednesday, June 4, 10:30-12:00

The selection of appropriate dietary assessment methods based on program needs - Jennifer Coates

Household income and expenditure surveys for nutrition policy-making: uses, limitations, and how to overcome them - John (Jack) Fiedler

Optifood: A linear-programming based tool to identify appropriate food-based dietary recommendations using dietary intake surveys / To what extent can food-based approaches ensure dietary adequacy for women and young children in SE Asia? - Elaine Ferguson

An adult female equivalent can be used to estimate average individual consumption of wheat flour, oil, and salt from household level Ethiopian consumption survey data - Kiflu Tesefaye

Liver intake in 24-59-month-old children from an impoverished South African community provides enough vitamin A to meet requirements - Martha E van Stuijvenberg

Chair: Christine Hotz, Consultant, Toronto, Ontario, Canada