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Learning center - Opportunities for nutrition graduates in private sector
Wednesday, June 4, 10:30-12:00

The Micronutrient Forum (MN Forum) recognizes both the private and public sectors as being important stakeholders among those engaged in food and nutrition related activities. The role of the private sector in combating malnutrition has been more and more recognized by the public sector in recent years. Public private partnerships have been established to tap into the scale, know-how, reach, financial resources, and existing involvement of the private sector. The private sector is recognized for its capacity and work in research and development of its products. It is also acknowledged that the private sector plays a pivotal role in the development and production of products that impact public health and upon which the nutrition community replies. Despite the growing interest in an active role for the private sector, still a lot of scepticism and distrust exists, partly because of a lack of evaluation of effectiveness of involvement of the commercial, pro profit sector in nutrition, and partly linked to the decades-long tension and distrust related to the marketing of breast-milk substitutes in developing countries and sugar-sweetened beverages and fast foods worldwide. This creates challenges for nutrition graduates interested in pursuing a career in nutrition within the private sector.

This learning center session is to inform young professionals and graduates in nutrition about opportunities and limitations of influencing public health nutrition while pursuing a career in the private sector.

The objective is to explore the kinds of careers in nutrition that may be found within the private sector and to discuss opportunities as well as limitations for nutrition graduates to influence public health nutrition through a career in the private sector.

The session is a panel discussion with nutrition scientists working for private sector, or formerly working for private sector in the panel. The panellists will respond to a number of propositions, with active input from the audience and the panellists will respond to additional questions from the audience.

Target audience for this session are recent graduates in nutrition, and nutrition students, interested in a nutrition career within the private sector. The session is also interesting for nutritionists who have recently started their career in private sector.

Chair: Micronutrient Initiative (MI), Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), and Sight and Life