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Learning centre - Practical Elements of Implementing a Program to Introduce Zinc as a Diarrhea Treatment with ORS and Bring the Program to National Scale
Thursday, June 5

In 2004, WHO/UNICEF released its recommendation for treatment of pediatric diarrheas with zinc and the new low-osmolarity ORS. Since that date, programs have been implemented to introduce this new treatment protocol with significant lessons learned. Now in the second generation of zinc/ORS program implementation and scale-up, we are building on the best practices identified during the past eight years. Sharing practical lessons and experiences across countries will help improve the speed and quality of implementation efforts – and also help to build a network of peers who leading similar programs across countries.

The Learning Center discussion focuses around the practical aspects of integrating zinc into diarrhea treatment with ORS and offers a forum both for implementers to showcase experience, tools, and materials and for country representatives to bring in their own experiences and/or concerns and gain ideas about what might work in their own country contexts. We propose an interactive learning session with 4-5 ten minute presentations on various aspects of implementing the program.

Open discussion with participants will follow the presentations. Once the 12 new focus countries are identified, session organizers will contact attendees from those countries and invite them to participate in this session to learn about the details of program implementation. Samples of improved zinc products, BCC materials, marketing and other tools will be on display and/or samples made available to participants to enrich this session.

This Learning Center complements those more research results-oriented sessions, allowing multiple implementers and country representatives to have interactive discussions and talk about lessons learned. Presentations will be brief and targeted to stimulating discussion. This session will also help build linkages between implementers and country representatives.

Chair: Vicki MacDonald, AbtAssociates, Bethesda, Maryland, USA