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Learning centre - Proper Capillary Blood Collection Technique
Thursday, June 5

The theme of this learning center is to present and discuss proper techniques for capillary blood collection. Many micronutrient surveys are only able to collect a small amount of blood to assess nutritional status. In those cases, capillary blood collection is the preferred method of blood collection, either via finger or heel stick.

Many micronutrient surveys use BD MicrotainerŽ tubes to collect capillary blood. While doing so, proper techniques should be adhered to.

In this session, we plan to:

1. Demonstrate capillary blood collection via a finger stick using a BD MicrotainerŽ.

2. Define and explain what “milking” means and why it should be prevented.

3. Define and explain what “hemolysis” means and how it occurs.

4. Explain how to properly store and transport specimens from the field to the laboratory.

5. Demonstrate specimen processing and how to identify a hemolyzed specimen.

Chair: Ralph (Donnie) Whitehead, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA